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"Ah... h-hello... this is my voice mail--

I mean! This is Zashiki Warashi's voice mail. Uhm. Please... please leave a message!"
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[The video comes on to Zashiki sitting in a plain Asian-style room, in a patterned yukata. It's not very obvious where she's located, but wherever it is, it's really quiet and peaceful. Alra-chan's voice is coming from behind the D-Comm.]

I-is it on... ?

It's on. Are you sure you want to do this, Zashiki?

I'm sure...


U-uhm... I don't know... if anyone actually remembers me. I was-- ... when people were getting their souls taken... that was me...

[she bows her head, hiding her eyes with her bangs]

I'm sorry... I'm so sorry for everything I did... I know I was under Akumaro's control, but... I-I don't... I don't want to use that as an excuse. The truth is, I willingly told him about my power. If I had never done that, he wouldn't have exploited it... and no one would have gotten hurt because of me...

I scared my friends... Watanuki-kun... Doumeki-kun... they were all worried about me. Nadeko-chan even tried to save me, b-but...

[she stops long enough to rub at her eyes with the back of her hand, but she still doesn't look up. Her shoulders are shaking noticeably.]

I'm glad everyone is okay... Watanuki-kun helped get everyone's souls back to them. Ame-chan took me away after it was all over, that's why I haven't... said anything until now.

She wasn't okay. I still don't think she is, but she keeps trying to tell me different.

I-I'm better now, Alra-chan... I don't think it's right for me to keep quiet this long. Not after what I did.

And you're still not convinced that none of this was your fault?

[Zashi looks up, teary eyed and clearly upset by this comment]

I shouldn't have told anyone about that power! It's dangerous, and I never ever want to use it again! I-- !

[she stops suddenly, starting to cough harshly.]


[Alra-chan sighs, and with a mutter of 'I think we're done now...' turns the comm off]
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Alright, listen up!

I've been out here looking for Zashiki-warashi, and I still haven't found her, but I'm watching these broadcasts and I got one thing to say-

If you dunderheads so much as harm a hair on that child's head, I'll find some way to hurt you all!

That said... no, I don't have any way of tracking her, but if it helps... she gives off little firefly-like lights. Usually if you see a couple of those around, she's somewhere close.


But I mean it when I say I'll hurt anyone who harms her!

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... Zashi?

[no answer, just further whimpering and quiet cries]

Zashi. ... ZASHI! Wake up, child! You're having nightmare!

[the sounds quiet, and eventually there's a soft groan from the spirit girl]

Alra... chan... ?

[relieved breath] I really wish your girlfriend wasn't data frozen... this is the second night this has happened.

Mn... I know...

Think you can get back to sleep?


[sigh] Come on, let's go watch some TV...


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Uhm. Could some one help me? I think... something's wrong with my tamer.

I need some one who might know something about spirits. Or... at least children. This one is both. Technically.

Either way, she's been lying around the past two days, complaining of a headache - which I'm sure she's never had one before - and being tired. I really don't know what's wrong and I'm worried...
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It's on now?

Yes. You're getting the hang of this, Zashiki.

Hehe... thank you, Alra-chan!

I still don't like the nickname.

H-hello, Digital World and hum-- I mean, people at the Hinata Inn! I'm Zashiki Warashi, a-and my introduction got a little... interrupted last time. I'm living here now with Watanuki-kun and Doumeki-kun.

I just wanted to say hello to everyone with a proper introduction. And... uhm... th-that's it!

Bye bye!
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[The comm audio clicks on to the sound of crunching footsteps]

A-ah! It's on, I did it!

Yeah yeah, good job. Now see if we can't get some one to help us out here.

Wh-what do I say? I've never used something like this before...

Don't make it complicated! Just say who you are.

A-uhm... I-I'm... Zashiki Warashi... I-I just showed up and Alra-chan w-was wondering i-if some one could come get us out of D... D...

D'Ango Forest. Alra-chan?


Don't get used to it, child, I'm not one for ni--

[suddenly something rustles in the distance, and Zashiki's footsteps stop]

W-what was that...


[something growls, low and threatening]

Trespassers... dirty humans...

[Zashiki lets out a scream, Alra-chan yells her name, and the comm cuts out with crash]
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